Fluffy McDeath's Arduinory

I have a couple of Arduinos around the house because ... well, you can't have just one, right? One of them has been rolled into a semi permanent project - or perhaps permanent but the other is for playing with. One day I'll probably write up the former project but for now I just want to share some of the other stuff I've been playing with.

Here are things I've played with:

There was a simple MIDI thing. That was kind of fun and frustrating at the same time. Lessons learned. I'd like to write it up but I wanted to make it better first. Now it seems that a total rewrite mught be more in order - or I could put up the hack but ... we'll I left my netbook in the rain (seriously) and now it doesn't work so well - yes, that's where the code was. Oddly, it seems that it still boots (or at least it makes the correct welcome sound) but the screen is ... just not very happy. I'll have to take a look at that.

Last update to this page - Aug 4, 2014.

Then there was that "switching" power supply which was going to be a universal charger but then I needed the desk space. The bread boards are still partly hanging together but do I still care? Actually, yes I do, but do I care enough to make the space on my desk to set it up again :)
Then there is the "big" project that I'm still messing with.
Perhaps listing them like this will encourage me to put in the typing time required to make a half arsed post out of each thing.